Which 1070 to buy

hi guys,
i am looking into 1070 cards right now, so far i came up with these 2 as pretty good cards:

  • asus rog strix geforce gtx 1070 8GB
  • msi gtx 1070 gaming x 8g

normally i’m a fan of MSI. they are popular in our country, so i guess they will have decent value whenever i would like to sell them again. also they are normally very quiet compared to other cards. i don’t have any experience with the 2 cards above though (or any other 1070 card).

one of the differences between the two is that the asus only has 1 pin to connect (8 (6+2) pins), and the msi card requires 2 pins ( 6 pins, 8 (6+2) pins ).

i am wondering, is it ok to use such a cable as shown on the image below for connecting the MSI card or any other card? i mean, i can imagine that msi did put these 2 pins on it for a reaon, would feeding it from the psu with such a splitter cable be enough then?

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8 pins provide 150w of power and 6 pins provide 75w from what I’ve read so I dont think it would be enough.

I have both and running them at 85% of the power limit on MSI Afterburner, my ASUS ones use ~140w while my MSI one uses ~180w so the MSI one uses way more electricity.

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ok, great input, thanks a lot. so how are these cards working out for you, how much do you mine with each, is one better than the other? i see an advantage of the asus as i would not need so many cables, and apparantly less watts, which is also nice. do you have the sols to watts ratio for both of these cards? then i can compare them easier


hmm I’m getting 460-475 sols on my ASUS using 140-145w. Gets between 3.2-3.5 sols/watt. 85% power limit, +95 core, +400 mem.

for the MSI, I’m getting around 455-470 sols using 145-155w. Usually around 2.9-3.1 sols/watt. I have my MSI card set at 65% power and +100 core, +400 mem. I was able to get 480-490 sols stable on it but it was using 180-190 watts and ran a lot hotter with less efficiency.

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awesome info, thanks! so based on these stats, although i still prefer msi because of resale value, i think the asus one might be a good choice. what is the temperature on those cards? and those watts, are these from the wall or from software?

and do you also have cards from other brands?
do you also mine eth with it, or only zec?

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temp really depends on your room, space and temp and gpu placement on your rig. I think the MSI fan cools better though. I do have one evga 1070 sc but it’s only getting around 440-450 on 140 watts.

I’m mining zec because my rig has a 1080ti and i have another rig of 1080ti’s which are bad at mining eth

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yes i can imagine if you also have a 1080ti you go for zec indeed. anyway i have just checked and i think zec is the right choice also for 1070s at this moment. i think the 1070 does something like 28 - 30 mhs?

msi fans are definitely good indeed, good for not a lot of noise and temperature. i think the asus one is also pretty decent anyway from what i have read it is not too noisy, is that correct?

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It’s a bit noiser than the MSI one but I can’t really tell lol. I have it set at my office with some high velocity industrial fans to cool them so I hear those all day instead. Kicks about 5-8 degrees celcius off of them.

Any rig with 6-7 gpus will still be pretty loud even if they have really great fans if you’re putting it in your room.

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yes i ‘hear’ ya lol
got 2 rigs over here, the noise is something i dont appreciate a lot, but it’s like that.

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actually that image that i posted is a wrong example, because it goes from 8 pins to 2 times 6 pins. what i meant is going from the psu to 2 8 (6+2) pins. but http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/cD8AAOSwA3dYhzuT/s-l1600.jpg

on one of my rigs i’m using these kind of cables for connecting 2 rx 470s with one cable to the psu, it works in that case. would this also work with 2 1070 gpus , one cable from the psu to feed the 2 cards?

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I have both Gigabyte 1070 Windforce OC and the MSI 1070 mentioned here.

I get 410Sol @ 115 Watts , +100cc, +200mc.

The extra 6pin on the MSI 1070 is not needed, since I’m running it at 115 watts. However, the minimum watt limit for the MSI is 115, while the Gigabyte Windforce can be set below 100. (Gigabyte actually pulls 400 sol/s at 90Watts too)

Whats the best way to set power limit? Do we set utilization to 100% and lower the power limit by (arbitrarily) 10% ? Or use current power limit and set utilization to 90%?

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i finally ended up buying a couple of msi 1070 gaming x cards. power usage is not the best, but i like these cards a lot, they are so quiet! minimum wattage is hard coded in the cards indeed at 115 watts.

i would have prefered to buy the asus rox strix 1070 oc 8gb, but they are a lot more expensive, and i can’t find them second handed. the msi ones are easier to find second handed, because that’s the most sold card i have the feeling for ‘normal consumers’.

all of my cards are micron mem, no luck there i guess. that said, +600 mem is doable so not too bad either.

i still would love to see numbers from other people with regards to minimum wattage on other cards, from evga for instance. also palit, although i hate how some of them look (i wouldn’t buy these just because of the looks lol)

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i start mining 2 weeks ago. I have a Palit Super Jetstream 1070 8GB
In miner it shows 450-465 sols, on pool website (flypool) it shows average of 472 sols (after running more than 30 hours).
My settings:
fans 58%
power 67%
core +150
mem +450
temp. 45 deg. C (window in room open, pc near window. outside temp at the moment 20 deg. C)
whole system takes 210w (cpu is A10-7860K, TDP set on 45w). So i guess only gpu take around 150w.

These number are good or should i test a bit more?

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Try this settings. All my 1070 are on it.

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