'Bilingual Crypto and ZCash educational content & Podcast on 1111.cash' Proposal

This post outlines the proposal by the NFTruly team for research, collection, categorization, translation, production, development and publication of understandable as well as step by step guides and educational materials and content in two (and down the road multiple) languages on an ADA compliant diverse website, mobile and web application, community and platform. Applicant owns 1111.cash and will be developing it into the ADA-compliant interactive educational forum taking visible and invisible disabilities, Diversity and Inclusion, Equity and Belonging, languages and levels of education, et al, into consideration, and will use it towards education and awareness. Educational bilingual videos and podcast episodes, as well as written materials, presentations, workshops, surveys, and IRL and Metaverse informational events and networking is also among the tasks and milestones.

Motivation and overview
As diverse bilingual women of color, educated in three different countries, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging are of significant importance to us. Understandable, categorized, organized, and comprehensive content taking different levels of education and different languages into consideration, in various forms and formats including written, in podcast and video formats, et al, on an interactive novel innovative platform, app, and community makes a big difference. Setting the foundation right in this fast growing world of crypto and Metaverse is of utmost significance. The NFTruly team will be working hard towards creating an all-inclusive bilingual DEIB ADA-Compliant platform, site, app and forum. The domain name the team owns, 1111.cash, will be developed into an site, app, and forum for content collected, gathers, categorized, translated, and developed and produced by the team to be displayed. The team aims to pave the way for diversity and inclusion and different languages being taken into consideration in this international space.

Applicant Background:
Applicant is an Iranian-American educator, translator and content developer with over a decade of experience in indigent defense, content development, and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) and she is based in California. She has a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Iran and a Juris Doctor from the US. She has recruited and managed high profile speakers and she herself has done presentations and programs and panel discussions.She has moderated watch parties and live Q&As in collaboration with other organizations. She has been in the Crypto, MetaVerse, and NFT space for several months and has done a lot of listening and observing, researching, learning, speaking, translating, educating, collecting, and creating. She has taken part in Farsi and English discussions as a speaker and moderator. She is a creator and collector and owns 1111.cash which she will build/ develop into an interactive novel all-inclusive bilingual/multilingual ADA compliant diverse educational platform, web and mobile application,forum and community, wherein the content translated/ gathered by her and her team member who is a bilingual educated educator with a master degree in Marketing and advertising, and their podcast episodes and videos on Crypto, MetaVerse, NFTs, ZCash, et al, will be displayed.

We are in an international space. Education is key. Organized, multilingual, understandable, categorized ADA-compliant educational guides, content, platform and forum is what has been long overdue. Step by step guides, materials organized in one place/categorized, content and updates translated to reach wider international audiences and in consideration for diversity, inclusion and belonging that the space is often lacking, interviews in different languages and/or translated,podcast episodes in both English and Farsi, an interactive platform and a web and mobile application wherein accessible translated materials and content is made available and updated taking visible and invisible disabilities and different education levels into consideration, is urgently needed as the space is quickly growing and the foundation needs to be set right at this early stage.

Proposed Solution:
1111.cash is a great key word and a domain I own that I will be developing into a searchable accessible brandable website, mobile and web application, and interactive bilingual educational forum,both in IRL and in Metaverse, taking visible and invisible disabilities, diversity and inclusion, different classes and education levels, et al into consideration.

Solution Format:
Understandable educational content, materials, studies, guides,manuals, presentations, podcasts,videos,…collected,created/developed and categorized/organized in one place in at least 2 languages on an ADA-Compliant website,application and forum. Format will be written content and audio/video in Farsi and English that I will publish on my platform.

Technical approach:
Development of the ADA compliant website,application, and forum, and creating other related social media accounts. Production of videos,podcasts,searchable content and brand awareness.

If not solved:
Diversity, inclusion, belonging, taking different languages in this international space, different levels of education, different classes of individuals, visible and invisible disabilities, et al, into consideration, are many a times neglected.The problem will snowball if not addressed at this early stage.
Execution risks : misinformation re Zcash that might be out there.

Evaluation plan:
Focus and study groups,networking events where the platform/work will be shared with attendees and feedback will be solicited,interviews, exhibits and NFT and Crypto events where we will get tables and/ or present the work and get feedback,surveys via the interactive platform,…

Schedule and Milestones:
Initialization stage (3-5 mo.s): Initialization of development of the bilingual ADA-compliant website, web and mobile application/platform and related social media platforms, research and collection of crypto and Zcash related content/materials, organization/categorization of the content, translation and development,creation of the initial introductory videos and podcast episodes in two languages,initial interviews,editing and publishing the content as they get ready, attending networking events and workshops. Development/expansion/ production stage (5-6 mo.s):testing the site/app/platform,surveys and focus groups to assess and improve, further develop/expand the platform,continue collection/production/translation/creation of content and podcast and videos, update the content

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Hey @1111, the @ZcashGrants Committee has voted to reject this proposal. It’s not something they are looking for at this time; but please look for RFIs they will be putting out in the future. It should be noted that it was commented that ADA is important in the long term & keeping ADA requirements in mind is a good thing.

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