Bitcoin wallet preinstalled on all Huawei phones in China!

Wow, this seems big! Cryptocurrency exchanges are banned in China, and cryptocurrency wallets are not available on the allowed app stores, so this is a huge change from “hard to get access at all” to “preinstalled on the most popular phone brand in the country”!

I see that at the end of the article, the company behind this is actually wholly owned by Bitmain! So, in my book, this shows that Bitmain are using their vast wealth and revenue to do good.

But my point in posting this is not to drag the ASIC-Resistance Debate into here from teh “Let’s talk about ASIC mining” thread. If you want to say something about that, please take it to that thread. My point is that this is a huge shift, and I’m frankly surprised that it is happening at all, and I wonder if the Chinese government will respond and ban it, and I’m wondering what it would take to get Zcash supported by wallets like that, and I’m thinking that this really shows that the Chinese people and the business ecosystem are not just going to lose interest in cryptocurrencies, despite the ban.


P.S. Please take all conversation about ASIC-Resistance over to that other thread! This thread is about cryptocurrency wallet distribution in China.

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Great news. Not sure if this has been posted already but this is another great news for Bitcoin:

Exciting times ahead.

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No matter how many times I read it, it seems to me like a justification of upcoming allowance of Bitmain onto the Zcash network :frowning:

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It is interesting, and overall pretty cool for China and bitcoin (didnt take too long), and I have theories but not today

I wonder If they will start shipping them with various other wallets too. Maybe an app with multiple wallet types? For example BTC, LTC, BCH, and of course the best privacy coin man has to offer, ZEC! That would be really cool and could be a good way to get new people into not just BTC but alts too! :smiley: we need this in the states!

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But does it work with bitcoinofficial wallets?