We need an official wallet for all platforms

I’ve held and mined ZEC for about a year, and I’ve been using Zcash4win/WinZEC as my wallet. All this time, I’ve wondered why there is no official wallet for such a big OS. Windows users have relied on (and still do) the hard work of @anon47418038, and he again, has relied on scarce donations to be able to keep up the work. What happens when he stops developing the wallet?

I think it is long overdue that Zcash gets it’s own official wallet for all major operating systems. With the upcoming Sapling upgrade this fall, shielded transactions should be possible even on mobile devices. So where are the easy-to-use GUI wallets supporting shielded transaction between mobile devices? NFC transaction? Where is the Windows wallet, the Mac wallet?

In other words: Why isn’t the Zcash group prioritizing the very thing that enable people and merchants to actually use the coin?


Zcash co dissolves in 2 years, what happens when they stop developing the wallet?
In other words: decentralization

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I appreciate the need for decentralization, that’s what crypto is all about. But to just rely on good-willed developers to come up with solutions in a crucial phase like this can not be the best way to recruit users. In the next two years, the foundation for adoption must be laid. And wallets should be a part of that foundation.

I’m no coder, I’m more like a higher-than-average tech consumer. I rely on my Windows computer and my cell phone in my daily life, not a linux machine. And most people out there have even less grasp of computers than me. They (and I) need a low-entry, easy-to-understand interface where they can store, spend and receive their money. If it hadn’t been for @anon47418038 's contribution, I wouldn’t have taken the step to enter Zcash. The threshold would have just been to high.

I think it would be wise for Zcash to develop a start-up package for end users that at least includes (for the time being) officially supported wallets. Readily available in the iOS app store and Google play together with Windows and Mac versions.

They are working on the upstream tools for building natively on Windows and Mac as well as a Reference mobile wallet for Android.

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Is this written down somewhere or is it speculation based on the fact that the Founder’s Reward will terminate in 2020?

Good question, I can’t actually remember, let me inquire and I will get back to you


If we are sufficiently hacked, or if we collectively turn evil, the above resources will not be sufficient to protect you. Luckily, the Zcash network is growing into a larger and more resilient community beyond the Zcash company itself. If you suspect that the company has been compromised, please also check other community resources unrelated to the Zcash Company.

Which I found in this article, a superb examination

The organization we created to launch this project is a startup. This provides a tight-knit, focused team, rapid decision-making, and the possibility of generating additional funding, such as by building blockchain solutions for industry.

However in the long run it would not be appropriate for a single for-profit company to have this much power over the evolution of the Zcash technology. Ultimately, there will need to be an independent, inclusive, non-profit body to steward the technology in the interests of all users.

Today we are announcing the formation of The Zcash Foundation, which I hope will fill this role.

Need more? Pretty sure I can find it

Edit- now this isn’t to say that the zcash company will dissolve immediately at the end of its funding from mining in 2 years, this can be extended by diversifying income streams obviously


Dont know who to ask as the zcash team dont reply. I used to use my phone to access my zcash wallet through an app. That no longer has the number grid to sign in. App wont let me sign in since last week. Cant access my account, nothing I try works so don’t know what to do. Any ideas please

@firstwhitmore you need to provide more details

  • What App?
  • Do you have the recovery seed?
  • Do you have your private keys?

We can’t help otherwise

The app is the z cash app. I don’t know what a recovery seed is. The app would open, I would enter a 4 digit number, it would tell me how much z cash I had and I could look up the daily weekly and monthly value changes. Are my private keys my 4 digit code? I am now asked to sign in via Facebook, gmail or phone. It recognises my email but not my 4 digit code.


Please clarify what Zcash app, Zcash only has an official software for Linux everything else is third party. Do you have a link to the app?

It is a Freewallet.org z cash wallet app that I down loaded from Google play some months ago. I thought once you held z cash you could never lose it.

You need to contact thier customer support. You should have been provided some sort of backup phrase or seed when you first set up the wallet that would allow you to recover your keys.

Without those keys, I can’t help you. It would have been a 12 or 24 word seed, not a 4 digit pin.

Sometimes they’re refered to as a mnemonic passphrase, like Shaun said 12 or 24 random words you should have backed up when you created the account
Perhaps a screenshot or an email to yourself?

Thank you Shawn. Will contact freewallet as you suggest