Chinese people talk to you about ASIC mining

First of all, the high speed people, I purchased a ASIC Z9 value of 3680 dollars.

I didn’t know Zcash before, and I knew BTC and ETH; I was lucky to be here to add faith to my pursuit of freedom; to spread the price first:

ASIC A9 43000 $ASIC Z9 24000 $ASIC z9mini5500

A9 is equivalent to 10 months’ income from ordinary Chinese cities.

Z9 is equivalent to 6 months’ income from ordinary Chinese cities.

Z9mini is equivalent to 1 months of income.

Before that, I decided to invest in Z9 ASIC after calculation; in my calculation, it took 90 days to get back to the book.

I admit that there is a lot of risk, but I think I am willing to take risks, just as we are willing to risk holding Zcash. I didn’t intend to join Zcash without ASIC, because my GPU mining ETH is more cost-effective; Zcash’s ASIC is sold in China so that more people are willing to join the Zcash, and now China’s investment projects are in a state of crisis, our prices and the RMB are falling sharply, and our stock and investment are also in big rules. Collapse of the mold, I chose Zcash to protect my economy.

Finally, I apologize to all of you. ASIC is immoral, but I still need it.


Interesting perspective on Chinese supporting ZEC…once the z-addresses are as fast as t-addresses, it will be full steam ahead for ZEC. I have mined ZEC with GPU up until recently. I’ve since taken apart my rigs and sold my cards for what I can. This is the beginning of the end for GPU mining, whether we want it all be this way or not. I am glad, however, that there are more ASIC companies giving healthy competition.


Thank you for posting this. It is really informative.

Yeah. I have lots of Chinese friends who seem to support ZEC to their graves. Die hard fans I suppose?

Only you think so. I continue to use gpu’s and hope to see special gpu coin which will never lie as Zcash to community.

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It’s just look at the price, the candles don’t lie. Someday we will work with our gpus, bro, some coin will come.