Bitmain's Jihan Wu's special and kind dialog with coin developers

This is whats coming, buy from Bitmain if you want this kind of dialog:


Jihan Wu
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Replying to Bitcoin developers:
fuck your mother if you want fuck.

Note to moderators: those are his words, not mine, just take a look:

Yeah, really Jihan, that’s the kind of dialog we would like to see in Zcash.
Bitmain’s CEO will probably not even pass the Zcash forum guidelines but he wants to be Zcash mining king.

Creating threads like this with a few tweets will do nothing to sway the decision of Zcash Company or Zcash Foundation.

At best they are sweeping generalizations that we don’t know the complete context of and at worse they are attacks on a person’s character. Neither of which are welcome on the Zcash Forums.

Thread closed.