BiTMAIN backdoor: #AntBleed fix

Hey there, if you have a Bitmain miner ssh into and add

to your /etc/hosts file.

More here:
and here:

OK, so this is the second topic I’ve seen you start that is clearly about BTC mining, with absolutely no connection to Zcash. Perhaps you’re lost? This is a Zcash forum - it says so right in the URL. Why are you posting this? Bitcointalk is the appropriate place for BTC posts, not here.

jo sry but i think it has generally todo with mining. Not every miner has the time to look at every channel to get the infos. And in this special case i thought it is important for others to know about. We are all miners. Miners with the power to change the world. So we must stay together.

So, I suppose trying to find a buyer for your custom BTC ASIC rig, in the other thread you started, is also a special case? And how could anyone have missed the #AntBleed incident? It was all over every crypto media outlet in the world in a heartbeat. Give me a break.

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Missed that!!! So nothing to do with helping community your just spamming our forum to sell your crap,I saw your custom monstrosity

Good catch @dlehenky :+1:

jo, fix your mood. the other thread can be deleted if you wish and this one also. go outside and get fresh air, pump your body up, get a shower and then answer. i go back working on my projekts. :slight_smile:

Answer what? There’s nothing to answer. You’re spamming a Zcash special interest forum with BTC stuff; it’s very simple. All you have to do is respect that and post appropriately. I would have made the same comments if you had started topics on how to make the perfect omellet.