Blockchain synchronized doesnt reach 100%

hi i just started using the zcash swing wallet; the blockchain synchronized doesnt go over 99.9% . It says 8 connections and there are no transactions.
whats going on?

check the debug log.

I did but its huge and for the last hours its just stuff like this:

2017-08-18 22:14:22 ERROR: AcceptToMemoryPool: inputs already spent
2017-08-18 22:19:55 UpdateTip: new best=000000000a575b1751bf5fae0e52a5201b5a5a4e610bc02318245adb4f6501f8 height=169218 log2_work=51.056531 tx=1038887 date=2017-08-18 21:21:13 progress=0.999855 cache=43.0MiB(810tx)
2017-08-18 22:20:57 UpdateTip: new best=000000001322c183657fd63360061d305c65c1d157101bb556a62a0aeb3a1aab height=169219 log2_work=51.056551 tx=1038889 date=2017-08-18 21:22:34 progress=0.999855 cache=43.0MiB(812tx)

Is 169218 the last one in the log? look for the highest “height=xxxx” to figure out.
does it increase if you check right now…current ZEC block is 169224.

You can ignore the error line I believe.

p.s. to make the log smaller, stop the zcashd. remove/rename the file. start zcashd - it would create new file.

yes its constantly increasing:

2017-08-18 22:47:17 UpdateTip: new best=0000000002203b55a1f5d976ac07545436c7f02af53d7ad651834b64576a66e0 height=169225 log2_work=51.056677 tx=1038958 date=2017-08-18 21:46:24 progress=0.999849 cache=0.8MiB(0tx)

you should be good then. I wouldn`t worry.