Zcashd wallet zero balance

Hi everyone, there is my history: I installed and run a zcashd wallet on Linux, mined to it for almost a day, the pool sent several payments to it, all of which were confirmed many dozens times. But the ‘zcashd-cli getinfo’ shows a zero balance. ‘zcashd -reindex’ doesn’t change anything as well.
zcashd is up and online.
Where could be the problem?

Is your wallet 100% synced?


Not sure. How to check it?

You have the linux version so I am not sure, the windows version, in the bottom right corner, it will tell you at what level the wallet is synced with the blockchain.

Well, it wasn’t synced :slight_smile:
It took like half a day to sync, after that the balance became correct.
Though it wasn’t said to wait for full synchronisation in any guide I read. Thanks for help, nekkidtruth and CitricAcid.
For information of those who may enounter the same issue: after running zcashd wait until the digits in “Block height” section stop changing quickly and show the current number of blocks in the blockchain (over 236000 for the moment for zclassic).