Zecwallet Fullnode Downloads 100s GBs of Data

Hi folks, is it normal for Zecwallet Fullnode to download 100s GBs of data to complete the initial syncing? I have read somewhere that zcashd only needs to download 26 GBs of blockchain data to fully sync. However, even after more than 100 GBs download (and 11 GBs of data in .zcash/blocks) the fullnode still shows 11% of blockchain synced.

This is my first time trying to sync a blockchain, should I expect to spend more than 1 TB of data to fully sync the zcash blockchain?


OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Zecwallet Fullnode 0.9.23

Depending on the indexing options you may have enabled in zcash.conf, the blockchain can be 30GB-60GB.

I’m not aware of a case where it can go upwards 100GB.

Do you have some special indexing enabled?

I didn’t change any of the default configurations. This is my zcash.conf file.


I have tried to sync a few times before but never got to fully sync even after >100 GBs of download. Currently the sync is at 13.7% despite .zcash/blocks already over 13 GBs. I will leave it for a few more hours, if the syncs is still below 50% by then probably I will have to just use Zecwallet lite.