"Build then Decentralize" vs "Decentralize as you build"

It would be an interesting conversation of the “build then decentralize” vs “decentralize as you build”.

I’m curious what finished successful projects can be cited for proof a “decentralize as you build” is even possible?

Should there be a focus on being a spear until x amount of growth/adoption, then becoming a hammer over time ie more decentralized and protected to geo-political issues?

vs a focus on being a hammer now and being in protection for something not big enough to need or have them… support them…

As an example:
If one day I hope to be President, I pay, hire, and support the security and protection levels of the President today as a nobody in my house I won’t ever be able to be President because the resources and time I have today I spent managing the security and protection levels of a president now. It doesn’t work. Yes it’s nice to have that level of protection and security but like a freshly started fire it can also use up all the fuel and put it all out.

Another example is a small business that buys enterprise-level equipment for its security when they have little risk or the risk protection will never cover the costs. So many new businesses are snuffed out by the contractors who feed off them in the name of protection and security.

While I agree the risk to zcash is higher than most the effects to decentralize must match its size and adoption vs it risks. Protectionism and perfectionism are the enemies of profitability that line must be found. Without profitability, the math doesn’t add up in the end.

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Isn’t this Ethereum (decentralize as you build)? Etheruem isnt funding all the projects built on its platform is it? They have an ecosystem that incentivizes people to create on top of the platform. It looks highly decentralized from a development perspective as opposed to highly centralized for Zcash.

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Would you consider Ethereum a finished successful projects? Didnt just last year they started changing from PoW to PoS which is still being finished.

Seem like a mid-flight redesign of the main cornerstones of your product isn’t finished or successful it’s a “red flag”.

Even worse it was done because of a mob of climate cultists that don’t even use the product… Another redflag. I’m concerned that the reason the markets are so down is because the majority of the market was here for mining profits not to join the digital coin cult.

So in my mind, PoS still hasn’t been proven to even work and there are many many signs it might have put a dagger in the entire system and killed the momentum it had. I went from $6k in mining profits a year, and getting more people into crypto monthly to none for a while, how, why? Other than privacy which few care about, there little profit or reason for crypto to most people, IMO ETH shot it’s self in the foot for the climate media who didn’t even care. Costs haven’t got down at all, all the extra energy miners were using was eating in profits by the corporations, and the poor people making a few extra $$$ around the world just get f’ed even more by big CORP CRYPTO, now I might make $400 a year. It’s been months since I have found someone to onboard.

Also, would you say it’s Main Stream or even close?