Building a ZEC private pool

I would like to build a private pool on my local network for ZEC, how do i go about this? pointers?

You want to setup your own stratum pool server and point your miners at it.

Yup.. that's exactly what I was thinking!

that sounds interesting for me too. maybe you can use p2pool and modify for ZEC but i am not an software developer only it system engineer. The second thing is you can spend 2.5 BTC to sammy007 for his zec-proxy...

i know some php and python ... not so good in c ... and just started mining less than a month ago ... and definitely dont have 2.5 BTC :))) that's actually my current target to cover what i have spent so far on my small 2 gpu'ed rig :))) maybe a fork is possible from the original eth-proxy?

that looks simple but i still have yet to understand the mechanics of the entire cryptocoins communications and how things talk to each other!!!

I would suggest you to read this:

  1. How to get new work from zcashd (same API as bitcoin):

  2. Now you need to distribute somehow the work to your miners. I would suggest stratum (what everyone uses):

  3. In the end you need to construct a valid block. The low level Zcash protocol overview:

thanks for the insight !! really appreciated !!

Thats what we are talking about ...cheeers :))

@bkolobara exactly what i been looking for :slight_smile: