[BOUNTY] ZEC Proxy development

Hi all,

Thank to @PistoleDev

i’m looking for a zec Proxy with follow requirements:

Bounty is 1 ZEC (escrow accepted)

PM me if you are interested

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Closest to what your looking for is zecProxy.

Zcash Stratum Proxy : GitHub - glambeth/zecProxy: Zcash Stratum Proxy

Still requires some development.

Already tried with EWBF, seems not work.

Ewbf error cannot connect to the server. 9

Pool used: flypool

Have you tried it for a while?

Yes. It has issues with processing jobs correctly and/or with connectivity generally.

Hopefully its a starting point though. I agree that we need a fully functional, non-dev-fee, open source stratum zec proxy asap.

I agree,

If someone is available for the job, I can offer 1 ZEC.

Just out of curiosity, what is the advantage of a

.other than the non-dev-fee portion?

Hey! Author of GitHub - glambeth/zecProxy: Zcash Stratum Proxy here. It was a quick hack, and i’m backpacking right now, but i’ll be back in 2 weeks and work on improving it :slight_smile:



See you soon than


  1. It will function as expected.
  2. It will be useful for increasing and maintaining the hash rate on the testnet.
  1. It will provide Zcash miners and pool operators with a more diverse solution for mining (+ I also require some options for building a Zcash .onion mining pool). :sunglasses:

Hi guys
We had exactly the same needs, and without any opensource solution on the web, we decided to make it ourself. So we start working on a zec proxy this week and we made a nice alpha version (made from scratch, nodeJS, working with EWBF, tested on flypool with several rigs ).

We have now to fix some stuff and add some robustness hacks to allow “production usage” but we’re pretty close to a sherable version. I think we’ll be able to share an initial version next week.

We are also thinking about/adding some other cool features like pool failover system, cool Ascii UI, watchdog system (alerts/miners auto reboot on stuck GPUs), hashrate monitoring, pm2 support, etc… Lot of cool stuff to do :wink:

The project will be released on GitHub in Open Source & will be dev-fee free; however donations will be highly appreciated :wink:
Keep in touch

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the bounty is still available :wink:

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Hi guys
As promised, find here the Zcash Stratum Proxy v1.0.0:

Zecproxy v1.0.0

This proxy has been tested with flypool and nanopool successfully.
Tested with EWBF’s Zcash CUDA miner. 0.3.4b

Main Features

  • Zcash stratum proxy
  • Additional up to 10-20% increase of earning compared to standard pools
  • Pool failover system
  • Only one connection to the pool
  • Workers get new jobs immediately
  • Submit of shares without network delay, it’s like solo-mining but with benefits of professional pool
  • Central Wallet configuration, miners doesn’t need wallet as username
  • Bypasse worker_id for detailed statistic and per rig monitoring - not supported on flypool yet / working on nanopool
  • PM2 support


  • ETH: 0x1212eF39d945aB9A9568Aa5a72c5CBA99Bbe46c1
  • ZEC: t1YAdYcnKR2ozADWPUvmgnDgf86gfsxQEEE


This software is provides AS-IS without dev-fee and without any warranties of any kind.
Please use at your own risk.

Enjoy !

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Awesome! Thank you for your work.

1 ZEC sent :wink:

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work it !

git clone git@github.com:BScrk/zecproxy.git

Cloning into ‘zecproxy’…
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

Yep, you’r right… the good command to clone the repo without a github account setuped if the following :

git clone https://github.com/BScrk/zecproxy.git

Thanks @k0d3 for the donation !

Hi guys
We fixed an important bug today (the proxy became unstable after a peer disconnection…)
Please update the code to version 1.0.1

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Tnx , now i testing. :slight_smile:

@PistoleDev, Please let me know if your proxy work also for ssl connections. Flypool,for example, can use ssl over your proxy?

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Not yet, but we’re working on it …
The SSL Feature will be released soon ! :smile:

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