Buying GPU in Bulk?

I live in Canada and 2 of my friends want to build a 7 GPU mining rig with me like this one: MSI Z170 7 GPU BIOS Setting step by step — Ethereum Community Forum

I am looking to get ~20-25 RX480s and I am wondering where can I get such a large amount of GPUs since most distributors only limit it to 2-3 per person

Believe it or not, most resellers won’t consider that quantity a “bulk purchase”. They start giving decent discounts at 100. You may find someone that will sell you that quantity at 5% off, but not much more.

Thanks for the prompt response, what is a good way to go about getting that many GPUs?

Amazon and/or Newegg. If you are Amazon Prime and have their Visa card, you’ll get 5% back. That’s about the best you’re going to do. You can also go the used-GPU route. At least that’s been my experience. Perhaps someone else has more to add.

I know that @tim_olson from Zeropond had a pretty good experience buying bulk with this site:

But I have not used them personally.

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Never heard of gpushack previously, so thanks for sharing.
Sucks they’re out of any of the cards I’d be interested in and have no notice for next expected stock :confused:

@gpushack is a member here, perhaps you could ask them.

Good call! I’ll send them a pm.

Yep I can recommend for that size order. We moved up the supply chain for our main purchases, but gpushack got us started.

I sent them a PM but on their website they have older model GPUs. I was looking for RX480s. Hoping they drop in price after the 500 series are released this month

It’s not a certainty that rx480 will be sold after the rx580s are released; the RX5xx are the same chip using an improved, low power, chip fabrication process - that’s all. There’s no sense in having them both on the market. The RX5xx will essentially be priced the same as the RX4xx.

I see your point, I figured that the 480s would be a bit cheaper once the 580s come out and replace the 480 stock.

I’m looking to build this at the end of the month so whether it’s the 480s or 580s I still need roughly 20-25 GPUs, which still haven’t figured out where to get :sweat_smile:

Do you have any links to people who sell in 100s? I’m looking to setup a mining business and would be buying those kind of quantities soon. Looking at 480s

I PM’ed you yesterday.

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If anyone knows anywhere in the UK that has good prices for 50+ GPUs then please let me know. I’ve looked around and whether you order 1 or 30, the price difference per GPU is only a few pounds. For example, £164 for 30 rather than £167 for 1.

I know you don’t have a Best Buy in the UK anymore, but if you have something similar you might want to contact the business department. I know when I need 30 or more monitors the saving is usually a couple of monitor’s for free. Video card wise, most pricing is preset by the manufacture and is only so much room for price play, then again I don’t buy 30+ video cards at one shot either.

@ksukhin I am in the exact same boat as you, running around sourcing parts.
@dlehenky You had the right idea when you told me ‘Time is money’, I have wasted 2 days sourcing parts and all I’ve ordered is a few power supplies~

Hola puedes comprar en alibaba que donde publican todos los distribuidores chinos que las fabrican





If you had to pick one… I was going for the Asus due to the 1250 OC from factory. Let me know what you think?(price not a factor)

You want the Samsung ram. …Or elpida? (SP) is good too. to find out the type of ram that is with the cards there is a number you have to ask to tell you if it matches it. To get that number, you’ll need to google how to find out which ram is in whatever card you’re talking about, and chances are someones done a write up on it. it’s how I planned on getting a slew of cards from China. I have been researching much about which card to get ; what I have not found is a good bulk gpu reseller, unfortunately. I need to find one, as I’m in the market for 50-100 video cards. (and, I still have money set aside for the 28-34 deal we discussed, this part of the message is directed to a pair of eyes that may or may not be reading this thread).


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