I need to buy 2000 GPUs can someone help me

hello guys I am from Algeria and I need to buy 2000 GPUs can someone help me

Yes! The AllMightyGOD himself!

Hi dear friend, my name is Ken, Chicken :relaxed:

make a pact with the devil, probably the only way

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YES my friend can we make a deal ??

You can always try but I'm not a seller :slight_smile:

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I can hook you up with a distributor for a 5% fee.

How about 220x 1060 3GB cards. Palit Dual and Stormx variants.

And 170x RX580s. Stock is slim everywhere at present.

Why so greedy? Can you leave some gpus for us?

Can ship to you from Taiwan. Due to high demand prices are high these days though

any trustworthy seller that actually has 1060 / 1070 GPU's on stock can send me a PM. EU (or even NL / BE / DE ) preffered.

hoa we can dealing

I can help you get 100's of GPUs

PM me your google/youtube email and I can add you to my hangouts, we can chat there.

Previous stock sold...

400x 1060 6GB G1 Gaming cards available now from another supplier though.

where are you from

EU stock. B2B, I have no stock but I can point you to a broker that has these 400x in stock. Check your PM

Russian guys from Ireland ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i6To5ZXTf4

wow, that's a serious mining farm you're building. where are you hosting, just out of curiosity?

PM me if you need some from Taiwan. Have been exporting out of Taiwan and Asia for 25 years now