How to purchase a (very) large amount of GPUs?

I’m trying to purchase +150 GPUs.

How to bypass this 2 GPU/person limit?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Contact the seller directly

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Contacting NVIDIA/AMD directly ?

I dont think they will sell you cards directly. Usually they only sell to distributors, this is where i buy them (Europe) as an IT service company. Maybe your best choice is to find a local IT reseller (not amazon) to buy them for you. You should get a better price for 150 GPUs as on Amanzon.

Meh… unless I’m mistaken Nvidia doesn’t produce many cards (apart from the Founders Edition they made for the current generation).
For the most part they sell the GPUs to the AIB partners (e.g. Asus, MSI, etc.) who actually produce the rest of the board (obeying the Nvidia specs which are mandatory and experimenting with those which aren’t) and integrate on it the Nvidia GPU.

So, I guess you’d have a better chance contacting any of those, but 150 cards might be pretty meager even for the AIB partners and not worth their time; I guess your best chance would be to find/contact some 1st tier re-seller. No idea who those are, though.

Should I contact those companies ?