Buying old t-shirts from around the world with shielded ZEC

Hi Zcashers.

My son buys and sells vintage t-shirts as a side-business. To date, he sources shirts here in the US from estate sales and word of mouth. He mentioned wanting to source more shirts from Africa and South America and that triggered a thought: perhaps there are Zcashers in these communities that might have access to cool old t-shirts and willing to exchange them for ZEC.

Shirts of interest are older (5+ years - the older the better) concert / band, popular culture, cartoon and sports related. He’ll buy single items but would prefer to buy in bulk or a few at a time. He’ll pay, including shipping, with shielded Zcash. He might even set up a small shop for ongoing sourcing if there is enough interest and supply from the Zcash community.

Reach out if interested! Could be a great way to earn ZEC without having to buy it from an exchange.


This is really cool! I like that he’s taking shielded Zcash payments a level up to the supply chain, plus international money transfer :star_struck:

If you can, keep us updated. Let me know if I can help.