Zcash apparel and accessories

You can find tshirts and stickers no problem but hats patches hoodies dont exist and with the logo proprietary you cant just have a “custom” zcash print made so I propose contracting with some embroidery and screen print companies and the like, the rights make the aforementioned apparel, of which i would absolutely wear, also socks underwear, flannel, backpacks, large bumperstickers, we need these things now


Ok the hoodie yeah, but everything else is about valid,

Haha, looks great, good work.

I’m trying to find the one with the panda bowing to the ZEC logo…jus sayin’…

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Well t shirt and Hoodie availability has increased, heres a clock!

Change to the title.

To the moon!

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You could read mining work as reflected laser signals from the parabolic reflectors on the moon, could only mine at various times, but that counts i think
Edit- otherwise the picture needs ice geysers because Zcash is going to Enceladus

Forgot I started this thread! https://shop.zcashcommunity.com/

Hello, we’ve released an exclusive Zcash collection at Bitwearz.
:link: Products – tagged "Zcash" – Bitwearz


very nice!

I noticed you only take credit card/paypal at the moment.

Integrating Zgo to your shop takes 10mins, its a native Zcash payments processor.

Let me know if you need help!