Can I generate a private address without syncing with the network

I’m trying to store ZEC for the long term and I initially wanted to use a paper wallet but it seems like there is currently no service that does this.

I’m wondering if it is possible to generate a private key from the zcash client without syncing with the network? I don’t want to download the entire node - I just want a private key to store my ZEC.

You can create a z address without syncing the full network. I did it using zcash4win. But I’m not certain how usable z addresses are with paper wallets. At least in zcash4win. Possibly on a Linux full node wallet. I tried a test paper wallet by creating a z address on zcash4win not connected to the internet. I transferred a small amount of Zcash to this z address. Then I opened my fully synced zcash4win on another device and imported the private key for the z address I created on the “cold” machine. The wallet imported successfully but showed a zero balance. I suspect that had I tried to send using this wallet anyway it would have worked but zcash4win won’t let you try to send from an address that shows a zero balance. This why I say it might work with the Linux based Zcash client but I’m not techie enough to say this for sure. So bottom line be careful and test whatever your plan is before committing large amounts of Zcash.