Will we have to generate new wallets/addresses after launch?

If I follow the Zcash Beta Guide (for RC2) and generate T or Z addresses, will they still be valid after launch date?

I am just looking to have a wallet created and in place prior to launch day. Maybe there is an easier way to do this that I am unaware of.

Testnet addresses only work on the testnet.

btw I don’t get this panic about having a wallet ready to go from the second mainnet begins. Even without the slow start, what urgency in there when there will be so few coins and so few people to exchange them with?

As Voluntary already pointed out, you will indeed need new addresses when Zcash officially launches.

I also agree that while it is great to prepare and be ready for launch in advance there is no need to get too excited as the slow start will allow ample time to get everything ready even if you are a few hours or even days late to the party. Unlike ETH where there were already ~60 million coins in existence, Zcash starts with a pretty level playing field of 0 coins at launch and maybe only a few hundred on day one.

Yes but you do need to generate an address to send your coins to

Is there any chance to get Windows wallet at October, 28? Wanna try mining, but there are no any ZEC addresses to send.

The Rock Trading maybe ?

Nice promo, but we are talking about user operated wallets here.

No promo, just seen this site in a other topic about wallets.

Who knows what will release tomorrow, but currently there are only linux based wallets. You can install ubuntu on a virtual platform via windows and make your wallet there (didn’t take me too long, just follow instructions). I think you will need to re-download updated wallets, plus obtain a new “real” address. I made a post about this myself asking a similar set of questions.