Zcash paper wallet on Mac, plus a few other questions

Hi all,

I’m very much a newbie to Zcash, although I really like what I’ve seen so far and plan to be a long time supporter!

So long story short, I traded some BTCs to Zcash in Poloniex. Now I would like to store the Zcash for long-term in a cold storage. My system is running on OSX, so I downloaded the Zcash4mac wallet from https://zcash4mac.com. I then created a new T-address in that wallet app. To create a paper wallet by hand, my plan is to do the following:

  1. Dump the private key for that wallet address via the “Show private key” function in the app.
  2. Write it on a piece of paper.
  3. Delete that address from the app.
  4. In the future, use the “Import private key” function in the app when I want to restore from the paper.

Will this work? Can I do these steps for both T- and Z-addresses?

Other questions:

A. Is it possible to transfer balances in a T-address to a Z-address to anonymise that I own the coins?
B. Does poloniex support withdrawing directly to a Z address? I’ve only tried withdrawing to a T-address.

Many thanks for your help.

oh, you can’t delete addresses from the wallet, that’s a property of the underlying zcash system beneath the GUI. Otherwise that’d work.

There IS a paper wallet generator I saw fly by here a couple of times before, but don’t recall who made it :frowning:

Just noticed that you’re the creator of zcash4mac! Thanks a lot for the hardwork. I’ll send some donation your way when I have the fund later.

I found zcash-cli inside /Applications/zcash4mac.app/Contents/Java. I’m guessing that’s the command line interface to zcashd that is called by the GUI. If I were to delete the wallet using zcash-cli, will it mess things up in the swing wallet?

Another question, how do I upgrade the zcash4mac wallet in the future? Is it as simple as overwriting the app in the Applications folder with the latest version?

Yes that is the command line used by the GUI, you can run it in Terminal.

When you say “If I were to delete the wallet using zcash-cli”, I am not sure what you mean…but anything you do with zcash-cli effects things in the GUI.

To upgrade you just drag the new version into Applications, and the Finder will ask if you want to overwrite or keep both versions (pick overwrite for zcash4mac…some apps it makes sense to keep the old installation, but this one can be fussy about where its run from).