Can i mine zcash along with ethereum in the same rig?

I am running a 6 GPU gigabyte GPU rig, Can i mine zCash along with Ether ?

Please suggest.

With the same GPU? No. That out of the way, you could technically run a different miner for 3 GPU’s and another for the other 3. Personally I wouldn’t bother but that would be feasible.

Dual mining ETH and something like PASC or DCR is possible, but dual mining ZEC with anything else doesn’t work.

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You can - both mining programs can be run at the same time. So far, there’s a slight profit loss but the cards haven’t been optimized or tested yet to see if speeds can be increased: [mining eth and zen](

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wxxyz is right.

You can split GPUs for different miners on the same machine…
Or run them at the same time at the same GPU! Intensity level sets % of usage.

But there is no more profit than just using 1 Miner per GPU, but it works. CPU and (V)RAM usage also will be higher!
But maybe you or someone finds a improvement with some testing. Nicehash did some dual mining testing.

I sometimes mine 4 or more different coins at the same time with my 5 GPU Rig.

I could get slightly more profit out of 980ti running DSTM and ccminer at same time. But just with this exact config, because DSTM does not use 980Ti well.

I got it to work but my temperature shot up to 77c so I shut it down after 30 minutes and let it cool down. I used awesome miner and mining pool hub for zcash, and I used claymore miner with nanopool for Ethereum. They both ran together but it’s not worth the risk of meltdown