2x ether mining rigs with each 6gpu


I am building 2 mining rigs with each 6 saphire rx570 gpu, i am new to this so i build both indepently (is that correct to do so?) will i need for each one pc screen and keyboard, or is there a way to get the combined power to mine of the 12 gpu

i have 2x Asrock H81 Pro BTC R2.0 as motherboard and 2x intel processors

in theory i have all the components to build 2 independent individual rigs to mine ether but i dont know if i have to run them separately or if i should connect them and how that works and if 1 pc screen and 1 keyboard works for that

any hints or help is much appreciates

You understand that you are on the zCASH (ZEC) forum right?

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