Is it possible to mine Zcash and Etherium at the same time?

I recently heard of this and I was hoping to contribute with my GTX 1080 ti. I tried googling this and i’m getting mixed signals as to wether or not it’s possible and everything I find on google seems to be fairly old. I’m using Linux (Arch Linux if that matters) and I’m pretty new to mining.

Of course you can. But why would you want to? Each will run at reduced hashrate.

If ypu are refering to a dual mine such as eth/sia without split hash rates no you cannot. If you mean mining half eth and half zec, i think the poster above me answered that question

Dosn’t claymore let you dual mine? or does it only work with certine coins or somthing like that?

Yes, only certian algorithims, eth /zec is not one of those combos.

Oh ok ,thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: