Can I mine Zcash using my iPhone 7?

Hi Guys (and Girls),

Looking to get in to mining and thinking that Zcash will be a good place to start. What kind of computing power is needed? I only have an iPhone 7. Can I use that?


You need a Galaxy Note 7

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Yes its possible if you can program it on your phone.

You probably won’t make any money however and will mess up your screen and create screen burn due to the constant heat generated by the battery and processor

I remember back in the Scrypt mining days (when it was GPU mined) someone came up with a iPhone mining app. I ran it for like an hour and my phone became so hot it shut down on me. This was with it hooked up to a USB port to charge as I knew it would have drained the battery pretty fast. So all in all not a real good idea.

TLDR: No, even if it is possible don’t.