Zcash GPU Mining Rig

I’m trying to figure out if $700 would be sufficient enough to build a GPU mining rig? I’m a complete noob so any info would help put me in the right direction.

I’m no expert but I think you should focus on high-end, high bandwidth GPU like R9 390X if you want to have considerable advantage compared to CPU. This type of GPU doesn’t come cheap, also AMD would better than NVIDIA.

I think he should first have GPU mining code in hand, then select a graphics card that is known to work with it. It’s very likely there will not be any public code available for a GPU miner in the next few months.

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If there’s no GPU code during launch, would mining on my macbook pro or a decent laptop be sufficient enough for the first couple months or so?

The stock miner requires linux. Maybe there is a VM you can use for mac and windows.You might get a few coins after a few months if GPUs do not take over.

How many coins do you think could I mine in the first few months, daily? Mining with my macbook pro 13?

Someone claimed to have compiled an earlier release for the Mac.

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I never owned a Mac, but you might be able to installed Linux on a external HDD.

The number of coins you get depends mostly on how many other people are trying to get coins. There will be 5760 coins issued per day after the ramp up that will occur during the 1st month. If there are 5760 people just like you mining, then you’ll average 1 coin per day. If there are 57,600 you’ll get 36 coins per year, plus or minus 10, at a cost of about $50 in excess electricity due to running the miner 24 hour, keeping the CPU and RAM at their max temperature the whole year.

Zcash mining rig at 1000-1200 sol , get it done How to mine Zcash at 1000sol on windows with claymmore miner and RX470 graphic cards. - YouTube