Mining ZCash with processor

Hi guys, I want to ask you about mining with processors. Do you think it is good to mine ZCash with Intel Core i7-8700K? Please, answer my question and write your feedback/opinion.

Yes you can mine Zcash with a processor but it will not be profitable. GPU mining is the only current profitable way to mine zec.

I saw a man on YouTube who had 47 000 H/s with Intel Core i7-7700K and the calculator says that I can profit 4,796.86 per month. So, is the calculator wrong?

Here is your answer to question: cpu mining is not profitable anymore because gpu has taken over and cpu is not profitable any more and it will not yield you any result.

Here is My feedback : I am not trying to be rude but instead of treating this forum as a customer care you can always do your search to find this answer. I am sure atleast 70 percent of the topics in this forum will get you the same answer above… so instead of treating the people your personal customer care… you can show some respect of atleast searching for the answer first… And trust me if you are not into doing research… mining is not for you… you will be better of in buying the coins and making profit in trading (still might have to do research ). Or I give you a tip. Buy zec and forget for the next 2 years… you will be rich …


Okay, thank you and sorry. I am new on this forum and I forgot that exists something like search. I know that this is not apology.

The calculator is correct but you are not getting 47,000 H/s out of a single CPU. A decent single GPU will yield in the range of 500-750 H/s and GPUs greatly outperform CPUs as the other poster mentions.

Okay. Last question. What is that? I input 25 MH/s (the power of GTX1070, usually) and it shows this ( WTF?

That’s ETH not ZEC and they use different algorithms. A 1070 is going to be more around the 450-500H/s mark on Equihash (which is what ZEC uses).

See this thread and particularly this recent post which shows a 1070 EWBF's NVidia CUDA Zcash miner 1060 - 170 h/s gtx 1070 - 250 h/s - #578 by jpl (you can ignore the title as there have been speed improvements with later miner releases)

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Yea thats wrong, mine does 14500 h/s and pulls about 150ish a month

You probably need to clarify that what does 14500H/s and pulls 150ish a month?

Yes thank you I was just coming back to do that!

1070 should give you around 250 h/s … not mega hash

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So, is it still possible to make some good money (about 500$ per month) with mining?

If you buy like 12x Gtx 1070 to mine for example zcash, yes you can.

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And if I do not want to invest so much money (only around 1500$)?

Then you need to be prepared to be disappointed with the results. Your expectation and reality are not in sync. You want to bring in $500/month but that can’t be done with a $1500 budget.

You’ll need around 5 KSol/s (or 5000 Sol/s) to get $500/month return. Which is roughly 12 x GTX 1070’s or 7 x GTX 1080 Ti’s.

Buy some asic… That should fall under your budget… Though it won’t be for zcash

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Okay, I will watch for ASIC miners.

And what about mining on VPS with Intel Xeon E7-4870 with 700 H/s? Is it legal and OK?

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