Can I set password on ZCash4Win wallet

I don’t want everybody who can access my computer able to transfer my ZCash out.
I don’t want everybody know my private key too.

Then perhaps you should rethink running the wallet on a computer accessible to others. You can either create and use a separate account that only you have access to, or use a machine only you have access to.

Even an encrypted wallet is accessible to whomever is sitting at the computer logged into your account.

A lot of wallets have encrypted feature, that is the very important feature.

I’m only one who knows my computer password and uses my computer. But I type the password 20 times per day and my computer doesn’t have something else that has value. Other people can easily see my password while I enter it.

I don’t want to worry every time I enter computer password.


The home-made solution that I have created involves using external programs to encrypt the wallet.dat file myself, and only decrypt the file when I need to use the program. To do this, I use AES Crypt, a simple tool that is nice and secure.

  1. Backup the keys file! wallet.dat is your life, try not to lose it. I store it on an external thumb drive, but something like google drive will also work, for a cloud based solution.
  2. Right click the wallet.dat file, and select “AES Encrypt”, enter your password, and the file is now encrypted.
  3. Delete the original wallet.dat file. This is scary, so make sure to KEEP THOSE BACKUPS SAFE. This file will be restored when you decrypt your (now encrypted) wallet.dat.aes file.
  4. Replace the wallet.dat file whenever you boot up zcash4win. If you don’t your coins will be gone, and you will be sad. Replacing the file can be done by both moving the original back, or by typing in the password to the encrypted file.
  5. KEEP THOSE BACKUPS SAFE. No matter how good you think you are, you will forget that password, so the only way to make sure those keys can be retrieved, is by leaving a copy unencrypted somewhere. Keep in mind that UNENCRYPTED DOES NOT MEAN UNPROTECTED! Printing out the raw text, and keeping that in a safe with a padlock is secured, but not encrypted. Don’t be afraid to keep it physically secured, but not digitally secured.