How to Password Protect the wallet.dat


I am assuming that zcashd has a built-in way to password protect the wallet.dat file (and that I don't have to use third party software to do that).

If that's the case, can anyone tell me how to:

(1) Increase my keypool size so that my keypool contains 10,000 addresses.

(2) Add a password to my wallet so if my neighbor gets into my server room he can't make off with my coins.

(3) Import that wallet to a second zcashd instance (on a different computer). Is this as simple as copying the wallet.dat file into the ~/.zcash/testnet3/ directory?

I appreciate your help!

Mining to the same wallet

I found the answer to number (2): You can increase the keypool size via the command:

~/zcash/./src/zcash-cli keypoolrefill 10000


Bitcoin Core does support wallet encryption, and the code for that is inherited by Zcash. However, it's difficult to use without the UI in bitcoin-qt (see Step 2 at ), and you might find the qt wallet difficult to compile for Zcash right now. If you manage it then please let us know.


so we need an UI :slight_smile: !


Thank you Daira, I appreciate it.


The current wallet encryption does not support encrypting Zcash-specific keys. We're working on that now:


Encryption of Zcash-specific keys is likely to be supported in Beta 1.


@daira based on PR 1372 it looked like str4d added support for wallet encryption, but "zcash-cli encryptwallet" prints out an error saying that it always fails. Was this just user error, or is wallet encryption not supported yet?


Disable wallet encryption -


@vaklinov thanks for the reference :slight_smile: