Testnet faucet links

For those that have better things to do than irc.

http://testnetfaucet.zcash-contributions.org/zcash-faucet/ ← Does like Tor.
http://zcashfaucet.xyz/#one ← Doesn’t like Tor. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wasn’t there a zerocoin blockchain explorer linked to one of those pages?

Just to repeat from another thread - those faucets haven’t been updated to the newer testnet blockchain.

btw I found this an easier way to get onto the #zcash irc channel to ask for testnet coins - https://webchat.oftc.net/

I am updating zcashfaucet.xyz to the new testnet now.

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Thanks @squawka, that’s very helpful.

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I just found this list: Zcash Faucets List

Are there any more faucets other than those?