Can’t figure out how to calculate expected profit

I apologise in advance if this is such a noob question.

I’m just getting into mining Zcash and in the process of building my own rig and I can’t seem to figure out what type of profit I could expect from the different cards I’m looking at a gigabyte 1070 ti or 1080 ti, I was going to go with the 1070 cause of the less power draw.

I want 4 1070ti and was wondering what type of profit I could expect roughly l, again sorry if this type of question annoys anyone and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think you should get about 450sol/s on those 1070’s. Hit that link. It’s clear what to do.

Is that 450 per card?

And is sol/s the same as hash rate I’m confused

Yes, and yes - see this link:

Thank you so much for your help really appreciate it.

Would also appreciate it if you had any recommendations on the cards I should get, 1070 ti doesn’t seem to get much profit but hey I’m new so not sure if this is normal.

Take the 1070 Ti all day over the 1070.
It gets to 500 soll at 130 watt’s a 1070 does 485 at 140 watt.
So you could get a easy 2000 sol in your console using the 1070 Ti ( 4 of them )

Thank you so much for the reply, can I ask what the rough profit would be with 2000 sol/s I put it into the calculator but want to make sure I’m doing it right

I can’t, it depends on how much you pay / kwh for example.
pay 0.06 or pay 0.25 makes a big difference in profit.
if you put it into whattomine you get a good estimate :slight_smile:

Thanx for help I still can’t figure it out what my cost is per hour I think it’s 35 cents a KW but not sure how to put it into hours

4 gpu at 130 say 135
1 Cpu, MB, SSD I think you use about 600 watt / hour, that’s 0.6 kwh :wink:

So I should put 600 in the power section and 0.6 in the kw section?

You put in 600 watt in the power section ( what you will use ) and your kwh price ( it was about 35 cents ? ) in the kw section.
It will not be a killer profit. But it can be some day ^^