Miners, how much zcash do you mine monthly with 30sol/s(or with your hashrate)?

I’m new on this forum. I mine ethereum but I read zcash is a good alternative, especially for older generation gpus. However, based on my estimations, the profitability is quite low compared to eth, and I wanted to make sure I calculated right.

I noticed most of the cards used for mining are giving 30-40 sol/s. Given that rate, considering the current network hashrate and blocktime I estimated a generated monthly mount of about 0.05 zec. That translate in about 20 usd per month, from which I should deduct the electricity costs.

The same card would generate around 150 in eth mining. I’m sure something it wrong in my formula but I dont know what:

block_reward * block_time * network_hashrate / miner_hashrate

So could you share how much you mined in which interval of time, with what hardware hashrate?

If it can help you :slight_smile: https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/zec?HashingPower=30&HashingUnit=H%2Fs&PowerConsumption=90&CostPerkWh=0.10

Which cards are you using? I think you are likely looking at outdated figures. Hashrates are 250-300+ sol/s on a range of cards up to ~700 sol/s for a 1080 Ti.

I’m looking for 1070 1060 hashrates, r9 nano, and rx series…

I get in the 460 ball park with a 1070. My sol/watt is around 3.1 give or take.

Thanks, according to my estimation you should get around 0.02 zec per day, 0.11 per week, and 0.45 per month. It’s according to current network parameters(blocktime and difficulty/network hashrate), so you probably got more in the passing month because there was a lower difficulty 30 days ago.

Could you confirm if my numbers are correct?

…and one more thing, did you overclock the 1070 to get 460?

You’re not too far off. I started last week so I missed out on the easy money. I also lost some time due to my gpu not responding in the middle of the night a few times.

Yes my card is overclocked, I’m not at home right now but if I remember correctly, I have the following settings

Power: ~85%
Core Clock: +125-130
Memory Clock: + 450-500

One thing I’ve noticed is that while boosting the memory clock did improve my sol/s, going past 500 didn’t seem to net much, if any, performance gains. I’m probably going to dial back the memory clock when I get home and see how far I can boost the core clock.

I get 306Sol/s with my 1060. At stock settings, 270-280 Sol/s like the dude in this video ZCASH MINING WITH NVIDIA - NVIDIA ZCASH - ZOTAC 1060 6GB HASHRATE - YouTube

7x7990, 4200S/s, with an average 24H difficulty it’s about 0.125 Zec/Day
2400W or 1.75 S/W

1060 getting more expensive too. damn it

Thank you guys for sharing your data. I just published my zcash mining calculator. It automatically uses the current network hashrate, blocktime and price. I used the hashrates you indicated, some of which I personally tested and whatever I could find discussion threads, so you can compare the profitability for different graphics cards:


This calculator is based on the one which I created for ethereum. I personally consider it quite advanced in terms of features, but if you think extra feature is required, just let me know I’d more than happy to implement it.