Gtx 1070 or 1080 Ti

Hello i want to buy my first rig(for that currency) for and i would like you to ask guys what of fallowing cards models do you recommend me:
-Gtx 1070
-Gtx 1080 Ti

I meant asus sapphire evaga etc , i need most SOL/s i dont care about how much energy dose it take cuz i have it for free.

It will be 1 rig with 1080 Ti 6 cards , or 1 rig with 13 gtx 1070.

I seen some people have 400 SOL/s on GTX 1070 and some 500-570 also on GTX 1070 and i would like you guys to which model/develooper/producer is the best for getting most SOL/s

Before you go crazy on your investment. You need to know if you can supply the power needed to run the rig. Don’t leave out your CPU and fans in your wattage calculation for your PSU. Then you need to find a breaker, most likely a delicate for your crazy 13 GTX 1070 or 6 GTX 1080 TI.
People usually do 75% power limit to keep their GPU cool. I do 80% with lots of air circulation to cool the GPU.
I happen to have Asus GTX 1070 OC, Asus 1080 TI OC, and EVGA GTX 1080 TI hybrid. All of them operates at 80%. The GTX 1070s have the best efficiency.
The price for 1070 is very inflated. The network has heated jump by like 1.5 million in the past 2 month. So invest in your rig at your own risk.

Ive got retailer for cheap price 270 USD for 1080 Ti and 175 for GTX 1070 i allways get 3-4 Corsair Psu 750W to rigs depends on graphic cards. Well i just want to mine zcash for fun instead of changing it already getting high profit’s from Ethash crypto currencies. Just need to know sols i seen compare benchmark but there are alot of same thing same settings getting other results.

Oh ok. So here is the numbers.
GTX 1070 average 450.
GTX 1080 TI average 720.
But why would you mine coins when you can sell your retail GPU? Especially GTX 1080 TI.

Im doing both sir, Mining for Fun ^^

Asus GTX 1070 OC edition clock setting: 100 MHz core clock CO. 1.2 GHz memory OC.
Asus GTX 1080 TI OC edition clock setting: 150 MHz core clock OC. 1.2 GHz memory OC.
EVGA GTx 1080 TI hybrid clock setting: 180 MHZ core clock. 1.2 GHz memory OC.
All GPU limited to 80%. One GTx 1070 has a much higher core clock at 80% power limit therefore it has 470 Hashrate. I consider it a silicone lottery. So it’s removed from the average data set.

Nice. I wish I’m selling GPu. LOL.

270 for a 1080ti is laughable. Those are 700+ new from any reputable seller.

Must be replacing all of the Japanese capacitors with ones from Myanmar.

That’s what I though. LOL.

Chip and the vram are the expensive components on a GPU.

Im buying them In turkey/india/China mostly ,

I would like you to ask is this one will give me most sol/s

finally i decided to build a rigs with 1070 OC. it is better to have more gpu for me (in case of failure etc)

What do you mean by failure?

Don’t buy the founder edition. They will reach the thermal max. The thermo throttle will be very bad for mining.

Soo which producer of 1080 ti do you recommend for most sol/s

There are a lot of good models out there, so this is not a definitive answer in that sense.

I have exclusively used EVGA GeForce 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GPUs. Having stripped a few down to their skivvies for the purpose of mounting waterblocks (separate build), I can say that they are pretty well-equipped with respect to passive cooling (lots of thermal pads, including on the backside). In addition, the 2 stock fans do pretty well (I run them at 65%, 100%TDP, and with a box fan aimed at them on low power); this gets me operating temps in the high 50s / low 60s ©. Full disclosure, I’ve only been running them for a few months, but whichever model you choose, make sure you take a peek at their return policy. EVGA offers a 3-year return policy that persists even if you make alterations (e.g., mount a waterblock).

Most 1080 Ti’s will get you 680-760 sol/s depending on a variety of factors (overclocking, operating temperatures, luck of the draw (aka silicon lottery)). I personally get about 740 sol/card, but with different settings, I have reached as high as 760 sol / s without exceeding 100% TDP.

what do you care about the maker of GPU and how much they cost if you just do it for fun? keep it for you your fun then, just sayin…

This sounds like a pure SCAM to me! Check before you wreck yourself.

Otherwise, only go for 1080Ti, really not worth the investment for all the rest. Preferably some water/hybrid cooling and add an extra fan IMO.

GTX 1070s are the best bang for the buck at the moment. They use about 45% less wattage than the 1080Ti (tweaked 115w vs 220-30w respectfully), and hash about 90% (ETH) and 70% as much Zcash, and at $275pc less to boot. The math doesn’t lie, the 1070s are the best card for mining IMHO.

1080Ti about 650sol/s x 6 = 3900
1070 about 440sol/s x 13 = 5760

6x 1080 Ti will do roughly 228mh/s +/-5%
13x 1070 will do over 400 mh/s tweaked using about the same wattage as the 6 Ti

Off the top of my head, but should be close.