Can we use NFC to share address/initiate payment in wallets/payment apps?

The way users share their addresses is by copy/pasting it or via QR codes. Now that every phone has an NFC chip in, isn’t possible to use this to share the address / initiate a payment?

Just getting the phone closer to another one would make it easier. The experience would also be much more similar to conventional phone payment methods (Apple wallet / Google wallet)

Is there a reason why this doesn’t seem to exist in wallet apps?


Personally, I disable proximity sharing because it’s frightening but I’m just kind of like that ya know, I know too much about radio :sweat_smile: Is it a popular thing?

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I do agree with you… I thought it would have to be coupled with faceID or similar (I have an iPhone …) Again, the same way Apple wallet works

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Apple does not expose the NFC api for sender data out. It’s only for Apple Pay.


OK, so that explains it I guess…

What about Android?

This is a great idea and I’m not aware of anyone in the cryptocurrency space utilizing this.

I’ve won a hackathon where my team built a “Tap & Go” proof-of-concept mobile self-checkout store utilizing NFC tags and iPhone/Android phones to read the item-price metadata and open a deep link to the payment page. This is totally possible to integrate with the checkout flow in a Zcash mobile wallet.


Sounds good!
So it is actually possible to implement this in a wallet?

Just having to get two phones closer to each other to share an address or initiate a transaction?

Not between any two phones. A phone and a tag: OK. Android supports HCE but it’s complicated and iOS doesn’t allow apps to use it anyway.

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