Developing iOS/Mac Wallet, suggestions?


A few month ago I just get involved on ZCASH and invest in my own RIG (I don’t have much time to trade), and I figure out that I want to help ZCASH in my own way.

Now I’m starting developing a ZCASH wallet for iOS & Mac. I will add here some ideas that I have, so please tell me what do you think about the features it will have and/or any suggestions/comments.


  • The app will work with a server node, without the need to have the full node downloaded in the App.
  • Because of security the server with the full node, will not store any private key, all privates keys will be stored in the same App.
  • To have the same private/public keys on more than 1 device these devices will be linked via Bluetooth or via BLE (I have developed a simple chat using encrypted BLE, so I think it’s a secure way to transfer this sensitive data. BTW: This also works with Android, maybe will port everything to Android)
  • Talking about transparent transactions: While the App that generates the transaction and has the private key, doesn’t have the proof of transactions to proof the balance to transfer, I’m thinking on two alternatives both have advantages and disadvantages which do you prefer as users?

Option 1:
The transaction will be generated in two part, first will be generated in the App, and then finished on the server, to prove all the transaction to transfer. The user needs to send the private key to sign the transaction, this can get vulnerable to middleman and hacks. Of course, all server communications will be under SSL.

Option 2:
The user requests the proof of transactions to the server and generate the transaction itself and send it to the server, and the server just sends it to the node (ZCASH NETWORK) and wait to be mined. This option has way more security but will be a little slowly.

For the meantime, only ZCASH will be accepted, and no account needs to be created to have a wallet. ( I really don’t need the user’s info)

Extra: All code (Mac & iOS) will be open-source, for extra security (And maybe someone can help), will be in a few week on my GitHub, I will start with the Mac app, and following with the iOS. All Apps will be free, and I will try it to submitting it to the AppStore, I hope I don’t have any problems with it.

What do you think? any featured you need/want to use a new wallet.

Btw, sorry for my bad English it’s not my mother language.