Zingo! experience

I’ve recently decided to spend and use my ZEC. The choice -sadly- is pretty limited. Zcash is definitely not largely accepted, but I’ve anyhow found a few merchants accepting Zcash.

I’ve then sent a few Zec on a t-address (on Zingo!) and then shielded all of them in the Orchard pool. I’ve used so far 80% of these funds to make 4 transactions/payments 3 to transparent addresses and 1 to a unified address. I run Zingo! on an Android (mobile)

Fast synch
Nice UI
QR-code function with the camera works perfectly
It feels safe and polished

Couldn’t easily copy/paste amounts (maybe my mobile sucks)
Cannot generate more than 1 t-address (in the future I’d like to use a different t-address to shield my funds and from my Trezor I cannot send to z/u addresses.)

Final Score: 8/10


Is it all online shops for digital products? I would love to pay using $ZEC for monthly bills if the options are available. Unfortunately, I have not found such services in my region.

Paid for digital services. For the bills I have no idea…