Can you solve the riddle of monetary supply

So it has been said:
“Do it yourself - the slow start is composed of the first 20000 blocks, with the genesis block creating zero zec. The following block will create 10.000625 zec (0.0005 for the miner, 0.000125 for the founders). The block after that will create 20.000625 zec and so on.”

If that is true how come:

says that as of time of writing: 591 Blocks and 81 Zec

with the above said it should be 109,75 at Block 591?

Does somebody really know how money supply is? And why is volume on poloni so low?

Even more weird is in my opinion: I’ve found 5 addresses with > 70 ZEC in summary. Since I’m a new User I just can give links for two:

Two more:

And the last one I’ve found:


All together that are > 70 ZEC

Looking at the numbers right now I see:
Chain height: 597
Monetary base: 112 ZEC

The first block generated zero ZEC so we can compute the total expected monetary base with:
([596*(596+1)]/2) * (12.5 / 20000)
= 111.19.

Seems to roughly check out now.

I’m guessing there are some lag issues with the site.

1 Like was wrong for a bit - I used txoutsetinfo, an old Bitcoin RPC call, which doesn’t include shielded transactions. Should be correct now.

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If you think about it, who could possibly have a big congregated supply of zec? its the exchange.

But it says: Miner Reward