Cannot connect to suprnova pool using EWBF

I’m new to mining and have downloaded EWBF to mine Zcash using suprnova pool. I have edited the batch file. when i start the program, it shuts down within a second not letting me read the error.
I entered a timeout command in the batch file which keeps the program on for a while allowing me to read the error. The error said “cannot connect to the pool”. I’d appreciate if anyone can help me solve the problem. Also, does having other mining software such as nicehash miners on the system (not running, just installed) affect?

did you follow the instructions?

if you did, then the next step is we need to see your config/start.bat file (copy and paste its contents here)

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my batch files contents are as follows
miner.exe. --server --user faiz28.user --pass (the pass i had set for the user) --2142

line above is incorrect

–port 2142

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Thanks a lot bro! works now :+1: