About EWBF Miner Exclusion issue

Hello I’m very new to Coin Mining. Today I made a lot of research on the net about how to mine zcash.
I’m trying to use EWBF Miner’s latest version (My GPU is GTX 1650 SUPER 4Gb) I have configured my flypool.bat file correctly (miner --server eu1-zcash.flypool.org --port 3333 --user MYADRESS.SouSageYaTester --pass x)
I did everything necessary
My Drivers are up to date
I raised my paging size to 16384
I also did the exclusion part
However my bat file opens and closes immediately.
Please Help I really need help like desperately.

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Mining ZEC on GPU is not the best idea now.
Just mine on nicehash and buy ZEC - I do it.
Even a couple of powerful processors can bring about 0.2 ZEC per month thanks to the low exchange rate.