Can't send ZEC from Trust Wallet

I am trying to send approx. 16 ZEC from my Trust Wallet to another wallet but I get a ‘Dust Error’ message. This doesn’t make any sense, as I am trying to send a significant amount of ZEC.
Please can anyone suggest a way forward?
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“Dust error” seems like you are trying to combine many small transactions into one large one and the app can’t process it. Did you use this wallet for many small mining payouts by chance?

You can try sending smaller amounts and see if that would work.

Another person asked recently about a failed trust wallet tx but they haven’t replied, hopefully they got it sorted out Transfer from trust wallet to binance

Many thankshanks you the replies. The transaction fee was set at 30, I tried at 10 and then 1, but I get the same dust error on a 16 ZEC transfer.

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The wallet hasn’t been used for making small mining transactions. Also, I bought the ZEC in a single purchase. I will try to send smaller amounts.

Tried to send smaller amounts: 10, 5 and 1, but I still get the Dust Error message

Hello, I have a problem. When I try make transaction from trust Wallet I see “failed to sign the transaction”. What should I do?

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Can you provide us the following information:

Trust Wallet app version
Crypto addressTransaction ID (if you have any)
Details about your issue
Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any)

I too am unable to send zec out of my Trust wallet. I get an error saying, “tx unpaid action limit exceeded.” I’ve tried sending different amounts to different addresses, and I’ve tried changing the network fee, all with the same result. Any ideas?


unpaid action limit error occurs when you attempt to combine too many notes and not pay the proper zip317 fee, the current limit per block is 50.
I don’t know if unstoppable shows you your note count but you can attempt making smaller value transactions, which will invariably combine fewer notes.