"CDBEnv::Salvage: Database salvage found errors..." restore wallet.dat

Hello everyone!

About 3 weeks ago, in I and a few friends stopped working wallets zcash4win and winzec compiled “developer” - David Mercer.

None of the standard procedures that are on the forum did not help.
After reading issues in the official zcash repository on github I was just shocked(here’s an example):

Issues was just closed. Jakub Socha problem has not been solved(((
Many zcash4win/winzec users faced the same problem and forgot to import private keys:

After carefully reading everything and realizing that the problem in Oracle Berkeley DB I wrote a script on a Python that can recover wallets, but alas not all(((
Approximately 50 to 50%

If your zcash4win/winzec wallet shows an error in the log file - " CDBEnv:: Salvage: Database salvage Fund errors, all data may not be recoverable."
You can write to me and I will try to help you for a small fee :beers:

Note that the user support team closes tickets after a timeout period when the user doesn’t respond and we can’t move forward with further investigation. Tickets can be reopened if the user eventually gets around to responding.

Regarding your tool, that sounds like it might be a saving grace for some users but is it open source for users to run themselves? I would suggest users be careful before sending any wallet files (corrupted or not) to an untrusted party. And also be cautious of the medium you choose to send the wallet, should you decide to trust a third-party with wallet recovery.

Why I do not spread opened the source code?
Because I’m offended by the development team, I figured out how to fix the bug, and I worked. There is also resentment over the fact that David Mercer was threatening a fork of the community zcash for. He did not WARN users of zcash4win and winzec about the problem with Oracle Berkeley DB.

David didn’t shows the source code zcash4win and winzec. Then why should I post an open source bug fix on Berkeley DB?