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Zcash Sustainability and Resilience: Zcon4
Minute: 6:18 - Zcash Sustainablity and Resilience by Zooko Wilcox: Zcon4 - YouTube

Letter to all Zcash Foundation board members:

The judgement and decision making which lead to the unwarrented actions of the Executive Director of the Zcash Foundation to use this position to censor an open talk at Zcon4. I ask each board member to take action during any performance review of the current individual.

This action diminished the brand of Zcash Foundation.

This action diminished the position of the Executive Director.

This action diminished the culture of the zcash community.

Thank you in advance


Indeed, I was shocked when I saw this part of the video, thank you for raising the matter here.


In my opinion, the animosity between leaders in our community makes the whole project look bad. I received some feedback to that tune at Zcon4 from newcomers. It seems to come up on stage at every Zcon, and it needs to stop. It does nothing to help Zcash thrive.


first i thought it was stand up sketch but then. :thinking:


Why would it shock you seeing that someone who is manipulating the truth to advance a personal agenda gets called out for doing so?

I’m glad that happened. I wish this would happen more often in the community but sadly, there seems to be a hardcore Stockholm syndrome epidemic among Zcash holders.

This seems overly dramatic imho. So they bickered, everyone with strong opinions does. This stuff needs to get hashed out.

I wouldn’t characterize this way, rather two strong willed leaders having different views. I think the project feels more alive,and real, when this happens because it proves this isnt some echo chamber.

I disagree with a lot of your opinions, but your right here. Its ok if folks disagree and the talk was aloud to continue.


There was one panel where ECC and ZF leaders were accusing eachother, ZF was sitting on the left chair, ECC on the rightmost chairs, while the 3 people in the middle were caught in the crossed fire and they were visibly uncomfortable.

That panel was a PR’s nightmare.


Disagreement is valuable when it’s done in a constructive way. When disagreement is done in a way that’s blameful and accusatory, it’s not productive, and tends to further entrench bad points of view. When people are put on the defensive, they become less likely to consider alternative points of view and change their mind.

In my talk on security engineering I emphasized fostering a blameless environment in order to uncover truths and find better paths forward, I think those lessons could apply here too.


I’m thinking because I watched this online after the fact, I might be missing a dimension of what happened. I actually really like your talk and agree with you on many things. From my perspective, however, I’m not sure it was necessarily blameful but I’m also relatively new to the nuance of ZF and ECC governance.

Sometimes to find these answers its going to get a bit harry and my hope is we don’t hide the emotion when hashing these differences in the open – these emotions in some way form a basis for many social issues. Appreciate your thoughts.

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Zooko and Jack have worked together for a long time. They are two passionate people in leadership/spokesperson positions. If there was no friction, I would be concerned. Of course, the nuances of their relationship aren’t clear to the public on the screen.

Jack was protecting the reputation of ZF and the people who work there, as I would suspect Zooko would do if someone on a livestream said something about ECC that could be interpreted as incorrect. That is, if he was on-stage to do so.

They have both corrected one another like this on community calls in the past and this is probably not the first time it’s happened stage since they’ve been on several panels together at previous Zcons.

My only reaction was a chuckle. This is something audiences aren’t used to seeing at a conference. Interesting!

I’m not a fan of cleaning up the messy bits for the sake of public relations.


Censorship is a problem in this community.


Does that include you not being super aggressive to Zooko while he was talking at Zcon4? Or are you not bound by the CoC?


Second the notion

Jack Gavigan flagrantly violated the Zcash Community Code of Conduct wrt professionalism [citation]

His physical altercation during Zooko’s Keynote speech was characteristic of an individual on a power trip with a focus of shutting down dissentary speech and thought.

The professional means of absolving a minor verbiage debate would have been to let Zooko continue and complete his presentation (without any physical confrontation)

Then instantly issue a ZF rebuttal to the terms used, after the completion of Zooko’s presentation

What Jack Gavigan did in real life was deeply vain and unprofessional. Zcash deserves better

We Don’t Want Jack’s Knee Jerk Behaviors to negatively Hurt the entire Zcash Ecosystem.


Let’s get @tm3k to fight @Dodger in the ring.