Moderator Changes

The Zcash Community Forum has, and continues to have, many constructive conversations about building a censorship-resistant privacy technology ecosystem. The Zcash Foundation wants to see these positive conversations continue, while minimizing other conversations that are unproductive.

As the entity responsible for the forum, ZF has to occasionally use its administrative powers, even though we prefer to leave it at arm’s length and moderated by independent contributors as much as possible.

We’re currently undergoing a shift in moderation, with several moderators recently stepping down. @Shawn has already started a process to get new volunteers. However since @Shawn is also taking a week-long vacation, starting today, it could leave the forum with no active moderation at all.

So, I’m exercising the ZF’s admin authority to appoint new moderators for the interim. Although the floor for more volunteers is still open and @Shawn’s forum poll isn’t concluded, we’re asking @decentralistdan and @rex4539, the first two volunteers who offered, to step in as temporary moderators this week.

On November 8 (one week from today), we will continue with the poll @Shawn initiated to choose two community moderators once he returns to his moderator’s post.

I emphasize the following to our community, especially in our current political climate: while disagreements are inevitable, let’s do it in a way that is respectful to our differences, and encourages discourse, not conflict. We want a community that is diverse, inclusive, can foster healthy and productive debate with beneficial outcomes to the community.

Before posting, please consider if your post is respectful to the diversity of the community, and will solicit productive conversations. Assume good faith of those who respond and be charitable in any comments.

If conversations go awry from this, at moderators’ discretion, the moderators will follow the moderation policy by actively flagging nonproductive comments.

In addition to appointing interim moderators, we have also recently permanently banned Kek, and have placed another user on a week suspension.

We look forward to the iterative process of making this forum a healthy and welcoming place to individuals who would like to contribute to the Zcash ecosystem and it’s lofty goals.