Change in transparent address syntax for beta?

I’ve just updated to the beta, and I’m having a problem that when I create a new address with ‘zcash-cli getnewaddress’, then copy and paste it into it says “Issue sending transaction. Is your address correct?”.

When I look at the example on faucet, the address starts with an ‘n’ unlike mine which starts with a ‘m’ like on the alpha. Is this a problem where I should be generating ‘n’ addresses instead of ‘m’, or is it a problem with faucet, or something else?

For the record, I’ve tried three different addresses, all generated by the new beta, and which all start with ‘m’.

Maybe it’s a configuration problem, where there is settings left over from the alpha that need to be changed? I followed everything in the new beta guide at Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub.


Forget about it, I’ve discovered the problem is that the new beta faucet doesn’t yet have any balance to give yet. Also, it seems both m or n addresses are valid…

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