Beta-Guide - feedback

Hi all,

thank you for beta guide (Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub), I walked through it smoothly.

However I have few points that can be described better. Hope this feedback will help you :wink:

  1. [not really an issue] Value inconsistency

When you send transaction, there is just 10 TAZ when you do the “listunspent”
Later, “To check the balance”, you are talking about account with 100 TAZ. I guess you are assuming some other unspent inputs here - this is a little confusing, but ok.

  1. [misinterpretation?] I do not understand this sentence:

If you are a miner and all your mined testcoins reside at address $TADDR you would have a different balance result for the transparent address.

Everyone will have different result in transparent address. They are just sample numbers, right? What is the point of those two conditions in the sentence?

  1. [misinterpretation?] I think this is not correct according to my test below (or it is not clear to me where the disclaimer “Currently, in the Beta,” is or is not valid.):

any change is also sent to that address.


it would consume the entire UTXO sending both the amount 1.23 and change of 8.77 to the z-addr.

For example, I called:

./zcash-cli z_sendmany “$TADDR” “[{"address": "$ZADDR", "memo": "4c696b652061206d6167696321", "amount": 0.04}]”

And it added 0.04 ZAC to the ZADDR (ok), but the rest of the TADDR (0.0098887) was sent to new t-addr style address (mn9XMsuNDpZGk9yyLJGEHH9Jrotye6zEH6).

z_sendmany without parameters states this:

Change from a taddr flows to a new taddr address, while change from zaddr returns to itself.