Change wallet and settings, can't find wallet.dat

I’m on macOS and I’m not seeing a “zec” folder in my user library.
I’m trying to delete the current wallet (on lite), which is empty, because I’ve lost the encryption password. Hoping to create a new wallet to replace the old one. Any help appreciated.

Also I’m having the same issue as here on fullnode.

Only the ZecWallet Fullnode will have a wallet.dat file because it’s running a full node.

ZecWallet lite connects to a remote node (lightwalletd) to query the blockchain.

To backup your ZecWallet lite you only need to save a copy of your seed phrase in a safe place.

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I have the wallet seed, but I can’t find a settings menu to reset zecwallet lite. Otherwise the encryption password prohibits me from doing anything in the wallet. Ideally, I want to reach the menu from when I set up the application for the first time; uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t do anything.

This is for a windows computer. I’m looking for the folder on a macOS system.

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Check /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Zcash/

You should find zecwallet-light-wallet.dat in there. Once deleted, Zecwallet lite should prompt you to create a new wallet.

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(Oh sorry I read IOS but I didn’t even think about it)

@wobbzz This was where my folder was located. For other users, Library is a hidden folder and you need to press command-shift-(dot) to unhide folders in finder.

I compressed the old wallet and deleted all of the zcash related folders, which reset everything and fixed the fullnode issue as well.

@Autotunafish no worries

Thank you!