Question regarding Zcash Lite / Zec Fullnode from Old ZEC

so I was creating a wallet about a year ago and saved the wallet dat.
Now I’m about to sync, it’s at 37% after about 48 hours.
But the actual thing I wonder is:
In the ZEC Lite Wallet it’s asking for a Seed, but when I created the Wallet i didnt get a seed.
Now I was looking everywhere but I don’t find any information on this, can I restore the wallet with the wallet.dat only, or is there anything else needed?
I’m a bit disappointed for the lack of information sometimes, especially when it comes to updated versions. Everything worked just a few months ago, then I couldn’t start Zcash again, It told me to update.
So i choosed to update and now there’s confusions left and right.

Would be glad if someone could enlighten me, I’m a bit lost,

Follow up: There’s 8 connections now while syncing it’s super fast now. Will be done in max. 30 mins.
Wonder why it was connected to 1 before only. Anyways, seeing the coins now. Seems fine.
But could someone tell me about the seed in the Lite wallet, it’s very confusing.


Hi @zcashuser1 welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

The newer ZecWallet lite does use BIP-39 to create a seed phrase for you to back it up, and it doesn’t have a wallet.dat file. The full node that you have installed doesn’t support seeds, and does have the wallet.dat. If you prefer the lite wallet you can set it up then transfer funds to it by making a normal Z-Z transaction.

The full node software has to be updated every 16 weeks to be with the latest version, so it’s not surprising that needed an update before it would start making good connections .

If you prefer running a full node you can use ZecWallet full node which has a bit nicer GUI.

Okay thanks for clarifying!