ZecWallet Lite Documentation and Questions

Hi there, I have 3 questions about ZecWallet Lite.

(1) In Ubuntu, where is the ZecWallet Lite folder with the wallet.dat and zcash.conf configuration located? To that end, is it possible to configure ZecWallet Lite to run over Tor?

(2) How do I delete a wallet in ZecWallet Lite in Linux? do I have to find the file and manually delete it or can the GUI do this? does it delete if I uninstall the ZecWallet Lite software from Ubuntu?

sudo apt-get --purge remove zecwallet lite

(3) Where can I find Documentation website for ZecWallet Lite?

Btw, kudos to the developers of ZecWallet. So far they are working great. Although I do have some feedback, I’m not sure where to put it so I’ll write a few of my thoughts here:

First, it would be nice if ZecWallet Full-Node and ZecWallet Lite had an option to show the QR code for the private key, and the viewing key, in addition to the Public key QR code being displayed.

Second, it would also be nice if both software (Full-node and Lite) allowed for quick .pdf generating Paper Wallets. Instead of having to download and separately run a different software (ZecPaper) which can only generate new keys, but cannot import private/public keys to generate nice .pdf backups from them.

Lastly, the ZecPaper app would benefit from printing out the viewing key and QR code for it. Right now, there is no way to keep a private key from going online if you want to have a watch-wallet. After creating a paper wallet offline, if you only wished to view it, you would have to import the private key into an online wallet, then copy the viewing key, delete the wallet, then re-import the viewing key only. Which defeats the purpose of creating it offline in the first place.


Note that the liteclient doesn’t use any config file. The wallet file is located in ~/.zcash/zecwallet-lite-wallet.dat. Support for running over TOR isn’t available yet, primarily because the lite client uses gRPC and HTTP/2, which needs some extra work. It is on the roadmap, though.

You can delete the wallet file in ~/.zcash/zecwallet-lite-wallet.dat. Please be careful to make sure it doesn’t have any funds, and you have the seed phrase backed up in case you want to recover it.

The Liteclient is somewhat new project, so it’s documentation is not done yet, but should come pretty soon, once I am able to obtain some budget to hire a writer.

Thanks for all the feature requests. I’ve made a note of all of them, and will work towards implementing them.

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I think people will be glad to write documentation for zecwallet. You can start by having a contributor’s page on your website and point potential contributors to the github repository and what kind of contents are needed. I personally would be glad to update the Quick Start guide of zecwallet.