Changeover from TestNet to RealNet

If I’ve set up my Miner on Suprnova and I’m presently mining the TestNet will it begin mining Realnet on the 28th. May sound like a stupid question However I’ve never did this before.

Think about it. No one has ever done it. The main net will be launch only on the 28th, only then we will know how to do it. Cheers!

Idk how that worked. Appreciate it

Yeah but does anyone know if we will have to reinstall new miners. I read somewhere that all you would have to do is remove the Testnet part of the config file and would be mining onthe real net

most like likely you would need download a new verifying keys and of course cloning and compiling the main net. I say, you would scratch everything. We’ll the purpose of testnet is to get familiar with zcash system. if you can do it with the testnet i see no problem doing it on the mainnet

  • quite frankly having used the miner from the Suprnova “Getting Started” link downloading, and configuring the miner with my username and pw it was all quite easy. That I know how to do. I think what concerns each of us is being “live” when that starting bell goes off.

you guys are way ahead of what is available. even @ocminer cant answer what you want. you just wait. quite frankly.