Changing Monetary Policy on a Whim?

Please… NO

We need Stability if we want ZEC price to rise

Zooko's opinion is just that, and he would have to make an overwhelming case for this in order for it to be considered. We don't make decisions based on one person's opinion.


@TheSchramm, this brings up a very interesting perspective on the governance of Zcash. Bitcoin itself taught us many lessons. I see the influence of the ZcashCo Team as:

  1. Directly proportional to the trust the community has that this team is the most competent. Zcash is a decentralized consensus-based system, not at all unlike Bitcoin, except for the founder's reward, which ensures, among other things, that the very cypherpunk inventors and scientists that created Zcash can dedicate full time to its evolution. If this team for some reason loses the community trust, it loses influence.

  2. Inversely proportional to the size of the coin economy. The bigger it gets, the more diverse its users and the applications, and thus the interests, and the harder it will be to change the protocol. No way around this.

So, don't worry. The nature of a decentralized open blockchain already puts lots of checks and balances, while on the other hand, the governance model adopted by Zcash will allow for real, unhampered innovation, especially in these early stages we are in.

That's my personal opinion.


Good! - I am a Long-Term Investor in ZCash